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Master Person Analysis was first launched in 1987. The questionnaire was revised and updated in 2007.

The Master Person Analysis’ structure and what it reveals

Master Person Analysis consists of a questionnaire that forms the basis of a Person Profile with 9 Basic Properties. The Person Profile reveals a candidate’s typical behaviour. A Job Profile, composed of the same 9 Basic Properties, accompanies the Person Profile. The Job Profile provides an objective outline of the personal demands the tasks inherent in the job make on the candidate.

The questionnaire itself is structured around 40 question groups. Each group consists of 4 statements, or items. You are asked to tick off two statements in each question group; one which, in your opinion, portrays you most accurately, that is “most me” and the one you feel portrays you least accurately, “least me”. In all, you should make a total of 80 responses (ticks).


The Person Profile is measured against statistically determined norms, whereby your Person Profile can be compared with other Person Profiles.


No Person Profile is “good” or “bad” in itself. There are no absolutes. The Person Profile is evaluated according to the demands of the position being filled, that is the Job Profile.

In compliance with the ethical guidelines laid down by Master Management, the certified user must never allow the Person Profile to stand on its own. The Person Profile forms the basis of the subsequent interview.

Feedback interview

The feedback interview is an open dialogue. The Person Profile represents the starting point for this dialogue. The interview gives you an opportunity to pose questions, comment on the Person Profile and express your opinion on any discrepancies between the Person Profile and your own evaluation.

Your Rights

The company has endorsed in writing that the certified user (see no. 7 below), besides complying with national legislation and guidelines on the use of occupational tests, will follow established practice to guarantee your rights when conducting this occupational test.

This means that the company and the certified user will guarantee that:

  1. You, the candidate, are fully informed of the whole process of which the Person Profile is a part.
  2. You, the candidate, are informed of the degree to which completion of the questionnaire is a condition or an opportunity, and outline the consequences of filling in the questionnaire or not.
  3. You, the candidate, are informed of who will have access to the Person Profile and under which circumstances.
  4. You, the candidate, are informed of your right to see and comment on the Person Profile.
  5. You, the candidate, are informed of how the Person Profile will be used in the process.
  6. You, the candidate, are informed of the length of time the Person Profile will be kept on file in recognisable form, and how it will be destroyed.
  7. The certified user is certified by Master Management and thus approved and qualified to read and understand Person Profiles.
  8. The Person Profiles do not form the exclusive basis of assessment or subsequent decisions.
  9. You, the candidate, are supplied with a feedback report, which outlines your Person Profile.
  10. You, the candidate, are given a verbal feedback, in the form of a dialogue, immediately after the questionnaire has been completed.

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